A Cumbria oak bookcase.  Used in every part of the house, they come in every shape and size, from tall to low, slim to wide and of varying depth. Big books ?  adjustable shelves can give you the space for these – especially useful in the kitchen where celebrity chef’s bibles are usually large, glossy and eye watering in their contemplation of the feast to come. (hint – think Westmorland or Coniston range here). Not much space – then the slimline cumbria oak bookcase range will appeal, handy for books, CD’s & DVD’s they’ll fit into every corner.  Books to be proud of – then the stately Sawrey range will show them off to perfection.

Cumbria oak bookcase: not just for books.

Of course, its not just books & CD’s – you might want to show pictures, a vase, glassware or other items you treasure and want to show in full glory – an oak bookcase will do the job.

Cumbria oak bookcase with cupboard
An Oak bookcase with cupboard, very useful!
cumbria oak bookcase 1
a sawrey oak bookcase

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