looking for a cumbria oak Bookcase

A Cumbria oak bookcase.  Used in every part of the house, they come in every shape and size, from tall to low, slim to wide and of varying depth. Big books ?  adjustable shelves can give you the space for these – especially useful in the kitchen where celebrity chef’s bibles are usually large, glossy and eye watering in their contemplation of the feast to come. (hint – think Westmorland or Coniston range here). Not much space – then the slimline cumbria oak bookcase range will appeal, handy for books, CD’s & DVD’s they’ll fit into every corner.  Books to be proud of – then the stately Sawrey range will show them off to perfection.

Cumbria oak bookcase: not just for books.

Of course, its not just books & CD’s – you might want to show pictures, a vase, glassware or other items you treasure and want to show in full glory – an oak bookcase will do the job.

Cumbria oak bookcase with cupboard
An Oak bookcase with cupboard, very useful!
cumbria oak bookcase 1
a sawrey oak bookcase

Oak furniture from your local supplier in cumbria

Here at cumbria oak we are dedicated to supplying quality oak furniture with the highest level of customer service.  Our Sawrey Oak furniture  range boasts generous tops and rounded corners.  while our westmorland oak range offers a clean look combined with either chrome or matt bronze handles. These together with 8 other main ranges and 10 other smaller oak displays ensure there is always a colour, style and price to match ours customers expectations.

Over 50% of our customers are either repeat purchasers or have been recommended to us by a friend, this is due to the quality of the furniture and our high level of customer service.  With free local delivery, (which covers most of cumbria) and a full unwrap and placement included we take care of everything.

check out blog regularly for special offers and product updates.  This oak nest of 3 tables is our best seller at only £169